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Get ready for winter

Winter conditions can be seriously bad for our health, especially for people aged 65 or over, and people with long-term conditions.
Keep Warm, Eat Well, Get the Flu jab.  more>


Please keep your hospital's A&E for emergencies only. A&E staff is busy saving lives. Instead call NHS 111. #SuffolkNHS
Sat 28 Nov 15  22:35
1 in 10 older people who have a fall are afraid to leave home in case they fall again.https://t.co/yO76UzqBBC #SuffolkNHS
Sat 28 Nov 15  16:55
We've got a job vacancy for a Patient Experience Officer https://t.co/uVurnwo1lh #SuffolkNHS
Sat 28 Nov 15  14:20
The no. of germs on your fingertips doubles after using the loo. Wash your hands to prevent germs spreading. https://t.co/elP6YSPRfG
Sat 28 Nov 15  11:10
Good morning - if you've woken up feeling poorly call NHS 111 for urgent medical help and advice #SuffolkNHS
Sat 28 Nov 15  7:05
Job vacancy for Patient Experience Officer @IESCCG @NHSWSCCG https://t.co/uVurnwo1lh
Fri 27 Nov 15  19:35
Call NHS 111 anytime day or night for urgent medical help and advice #SuffolkNHS
Fri 27 Nov 15  19:15
RT @SCCPublicHealth: Let's #StopStigma @TessaLindfield and @Cadman1Deborah supporting #HIVtestweek https://t.co/QlK5EJi3RO @iCaSHSuffolk ht…
Fri 27 Nov 15  15:30
RT @IpswichHosp: Yet to secure a Core Training post? Why not try this: Trust Dr, 6 months in Emergency & 6 months in T&O. https://t.co/xCOb…
Fri 27 Nov 15  15:30
Play your part in improving east Suffolk health services by joining @IESCCG Community Engagement Partnership https://t.co/pjXV08fhUD
Fri 27 Nov 15  10:20
Job vacancy for Data Analyst @IESCCG @NHSWSCGG https://t.co/hZB1Om00ne #SuffolkNHS
Thu 26 Nov 15  16:55
@IESCCG has launched a website area dedicated to young people's health and wellbeing https://t.co/0I7LThzq70
Thu 26 Nov 15  16:01
Antibiotics don't cure colds, the best treatment is plenty of rest and lots of fluids. https://t.co/vRoWTag3tS #SuffolkNHS
Thu 26 Nov 15  10:25
Washing your hands effectively should take around the same time as singing "Happy Birthday To You" through twice. #SuffolkNHS
Wed 25 Nov 15  16:01
RT @NSFTtweets: Our next Board of Directors meeting will be held in Elisabeth Room, Endeavour House, Ipswich this Thursday https://t.co/2Ts…
Wed 25 Nov 15  15:29
RT @samaritans: .@samaritans is now free to call in the UK and ROI on 116 123 #freecall http://t.co/50cLIewWcA
Wed 25 Nov 15  15:28
@IESCCG has just launched a refreshed Communication, Engagement and Involvement Strategy https://t.co/W8s9uDJSXb #SuffolkNHS
Wed 25 Nov 15  15:22
The nasal spray flu vaccine is recommended for all healthy two, three and four-year-old children https://t.co/UhDS8sOm4N #staywellthiswinter
Wed 25 Nov 15  13:05
Download your free @IESCCG "Guide To Positive Parenting" https://t.co/YOG0QZRJZx #SuffolkNHS
Wed 25 Nov 15  12:40
@IESCCG @NHSWSCCG job vacancy for HR Administrator https://t.co/ZjSSQpKYgI
Tue 24 Nov 15  20:45


Involving, listening and respecting
Involving, listening to and respecting patients are some of the key aims of healthcare commissioners in east Suffolk.  more>
Man flu or actual flu?
It’s Movember which means it is the time of year all men are encouraged to take notice of their health.  Although we all joke about man flu, how can you tell if it is flu or a common cold?   more>
Make a difference to east Suffolk health services
If you have a passion for improving healthcare services in east Suffolk, you are being encouraged to apply to join the NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) Community Engagement Partnership (CEP).  more>
Engage newsletter published
The latest edition of our regular newsletter, Engage - produced for our local patients, stakeholders and partners has been published this week. Key features include the launch of our Do You Take It? medication campaign, our new Youth webpages and news of how voluntary organisations are helping local people.  more>
Got a lung condition? Get a free flu vaccination
Tomorrow's World COPD Day (18 November) is a good reminder about the importance of having the flu vaccination if you live with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  more>

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Have your say on care in Suffolk

Have your say on care in Suffolk

If you have a passion for healthcare you are being encouraged to apply to join the CCG's Community Engagement Partnership (CEP). more>
Keep warm, keep well

Keep warm, keep well

Tips for older people on how keep your home and family warm and healthy during the cold snap and over the winter period  more>
Medication: Do you take it?

Medication: Do you take it?

Did you know; unused prescription medicines cost your local NHS £2.4 million every year? Our new campaign aims at saving the NHS millions of pounds more>
Young People's Health

Young People's Health

We've launched a new area just for young people. Find advice and information specific to a range of issues that matter to you. more>
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