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Over the next eight weeks (until 9 September) we are asking for your views on proposed changes to healthcare services in east and west Suffolk. more>


If you need urgent medical help or advice tonight, call NHS 111, open 24/7 and free to call #SuffolkNHS https://t.co/NtarMxhpDA
Mon 25 Jul 2016  20:20
Tell us what you think about our proposals to reduce IVF services @IESCCG @NHSWSCCG https://t.co/pb0nEBCVat https://t.co/m1WHHe852t
Mon 25 Jul 2016  18:15
Control stress - self refer to these @NHSWellbeingstress control classes https://t.co/AyKnSrB7cc #SuffolkNHS
Mon 25 Jul 2016  16:35
Do your bit to look after you and yours by buying your own medicine #Thinkpharmacist https://t.co/RzyaPejMjL
Mon 25 Jul 2016  15:25
Tell us what you think about our proposals to refocus MVA services @IESCCG @NHSWSCCG https://t.co/pb0nEBCVat https://t.co/CDyWnsNzeC
Mon 25 Jul 2016  15:05
RT @samaritans: Become a better listener with our volunteers' five top SHUSH listening tips #TalkToUs https://t.co/QUwyxHmlO5
Mon 25 Jul 2016  12:27
Come along to @IESCCG Annual General Meeting tomorrow from 9 a.m. in Kesgrave https://t.co/dAbNrVPD3D
Mon 25 Jul 2016  12:05
Trotting all the way to the bank? #SuffolkNHS spends £122K on diarrhoea treatment. #Thinkpharmacist https://t.co/jXqOQ2E4Wr
Mon 25 Jul 2016  11:45
Give us your views on proposals to make changes to IVF and MVA services @IESCCG @NHSWSCCG https://t.co/pb0nEBCVat https://t.co/WUMCNPw6Rj
Mon 25 Jul 2016  10:04
RT @4_yp: Just one more week to have your say with our emotional wellbeing survey. Please RT https://t.co/QBn3Uaalpq #4YP https://t.co/Bum3…
Mon 25 Jul 2016  8:40
Launch of new eating disorder service in Suffolk https://t.co/fgbX5iZEZK @NSFTtweets @IESCCG @NHSWSCCG https://t.co/KF8SMs9gAd
Mon 25 Jul 2016  8:39
Call NHS 111 if you need urgent medical help or advice tonight, call NHS 111. Open 24/7 and free to call. #SuffolkNHS
Sun 24 Jul 2016  21:30
If you are feeling overwhelmed and that you can't go on, please remember there is help out there for you https://t.co/qBLnqeAaAT
Sun 24 Jul 2016  18:25
#SuffolkNHScase4change wants to hear your views on proposals to save ££ @IESCCG @NHSWSCCG https://t.co/pb0nEBCVat https://t.co/tmw7EXluBb
Sun 24 Jul 2016  17:30
Our friends @OneLifeSuffolk can help you lose weight and get fitter and healthier https://t.co/WZFB4arBSw
Sun 24 Jul 2016  15:35
One of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs is to wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap https://t.co/C2QtCZA04f
Sun 24 Jul 2016  15:20
Please give your views on proposals to refocus MVA outreach services @IESCCG @NHSWSCCG https://t.co/pb0nEBCVat https://t.co/HWjh50ybMj
Sun 24 Jul 2016  14:35
#SuffolkNHScase4change doesn’t have enough money to do what it does now. Give your views. https://t.co/pb0nEBCVat https://t.co/lLVLRE9Qfo
Sun 24 Jul 2016  10:45
Many pharmacies are open on a Sunday. If you are feeling unwell pop in for some friendly help & advice #SuffolkNHS
Sun 24 Jul 2016  10:25
Take the @asthmauk asthma attack risk checker.It shows your risk of an asthma attack https://t.co/15IFk08GQy #SuffolkNHS
Sun 24 Jul 2016  6:15


IESCCG - meetings in public
The Annual General Meeting of the NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group will take place on Tuesday 26 July from 9.15 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.  more>
Proposed changes to health services – give your views
Local people are being invited to have their say on proposed changes to health services in east and west Suffolk.  more>
Award for improved diabetes services
An east Suffolk project which has successfully improved Type 2 diabetes care has been awarded national recognition.  more>
Have your say on east Suffolk health issues
People in east Suffolk are invited to attend a meeting to discuss local healthcare issues and have their say on how health services in the area are commissioned.  more>
Getting a grip on finances
Health commissioners in east and west Suffolk are highlighting a potentially serious financial shortfall in the health economy.  more>

Form and List

Keeping cool in the heatwave

Keeping cool in the heatwave

Feeling hot and bothered? Check out our advice to help you stay healthy and hydrated during the heatwave. more>
 Love Yourself Love Your NHS

Love Yourself Love Your NHS

You can help by buying your own treatments. It is cheaper to you than it is to the NHS. Take a look to find out more... more>
Persistent coughing?

Persistent coughing?

Find out why it's important to call your GP if you've had a cough for three weeks or more more>
Meeting of the Governing Body

Meeting of the Governing Body

A meeting in public of the Governing Body of will take place on Tuesday 26 July at Kesgrave Community Centre. Read meeting papers here. more>
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