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Feeling under the weather? No problem is too small for your local pharmacist, or visit http://t.co/jh8HbgF1oX for #earlyadvice
Fri 31 Oct 14  13:30
RT @AgeUKSuffolk: Are you a veteran? Event for you in #Ipswich on 14/11/14 http://t.co/g8rtiUcY4I
Fri 31 Oct 14  11:05
RT @NHSWellbeing: Our online referral system = anyone 16yrs + in #Norfolk #Suffolk can self refer 24/7 #anxiety #depression #stress http://…
Fri 31 Oct 14  11:02
RT @CASuffolk: Our next FREE event for local groups is 4 Nov in Hadleigh inc @suffolkgiving & @MidSuffolk http://t.co/MyHqI5nIp4 http://t.c…
Fri 31 Oct 14  11:02
RT @HWSuffolk: We all visit a GP some time - Tell us about your last visit. We will use your views to shape and improve services: http://t.…
Fri 31 Oct 14  11:01
RT @HWSuffolk: This is the final day to tell us about your experience of @NSFTtweets mental health services in #Suffolk - http://t.co/DWJN6…
Fri 31 Oct 14  11:01
RT @NHSChoices: Know someone 60+ feeling under the weather? Seek #earlyadvice from your pharmacist or visit http://t.co/cdk2ZnN6YR http://t…
Fri 31 Oct 14  11:00
RT @NHSEnglandLDN: Need help finding your local pharmacy? See @NHSChoices: http://t.co/rNlhPO9HpO Don’t put off getting your #FluVaccine #…
Fri 31 Oct 14  10:59
Flu can be a nasty illness especially for children with other medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes #flusafe
Thu 30 Oct 14  15:25
A minor illness can get worse quickly if you’re over 60. Pop into your local pharmacy for quick health advice #earlyadvice
Thu 30 Oct 14  12:30
If your colleague is coughing/sneezing, don’t be embarrassed to tell them to cover their nose or mouth to stop spread of germs
Thu 30 Oct 14  11:25
Before the weekend, talk to your pharmacist about what you should have in your medicine cabinet #SuffolkNHS
Wed 29 Oct 14  15:25
Feeling unwell? Get #earlyadvice from your local pharmacist or visit http://t.co/pr4CsrfIeq to help prevent your illness getting worse
Wed 29 Oct 14  11:30
Children are good at spreading flu, because they tend to sneeze everywhere and don't use tissues properly or wash their hands #flusafe
Wed 29 Oct 14  8:00
RT @NHSEnglandMidE: A minor illness can get worse quickly if you’re over 60. Pop into your local pharmacy for quick health advice #earlyadv…
Tue 28 Oct 14  14:57
Your GP won’t prescribe antibiotics for a cold or flu as they won’t work. Instead ask your pharmacist for advice. #SuffolkNHS
Tue 28 Oct 14  14:30
RT @macmillancancer: Questions about screening for breast cancer? This info may help: http://t.co/gQSEKaYryZ
Tue 28 Oct 14  14:15
RT @suffolkcc: Veterans Event - Ipswich: Friday 14 November at Trinity Park http://t.co/mJxz0AI33O via @eventbrite
Tue 28 Oct 14  14:15
RT @NHSWSCCG: Protecting your child can stop the flu spreading to other children or family, who may be at particular risk from flu #flusafe
Tue 28 Oct 14  14:15
RT @SuffolkSHS: Want to learn more about #STIs and where to get tested in #Suffolk? Check out our website: http://t.co/NXuHmcHyey
Tue 28 Oct 14  14:14


Ebola in West Africa
If you have returned from Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone or cared for someone with Ebola in the past 21 days and you have a fever or feel unwell.
Without touching anyone, tell a member of staff or call 111  more>
Clinical commissioning group area in top 10% nationally for helping patients die at home
The number of people in Suffolk who have been able to choose to die in their own homes is due to hard work by health workers, according to a GP  more>
Don't put off getting a flu vaccination
GPs in east and west Suffolk are supporting Public Health England’s call for people in at-risk groups to get a flu vaccination and avoid the risk of serious illness.  more>
Creating a picture of good health
Children aged 6 – 13 are being encouraged to enter a poster competition organised by local GPs at the CCG.   more>
Meeting in public of the Governing Body
The meeting in public of the Governing Body of NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group will take place on Tuesday 30 September at 9:15 a.m  more>

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'Blood in pee' campaign

'Blood in pee' campaign

Public Health England is running a national campaign to raise awareness of blood in urine as a symptom of bladder and kidney cancers this autumn. more>
Over 60 and feeling under the weather?

Over 60 and feeling under the weather?

A minor illness can get worse quickly when you're over 60, so early advice is the best advice. more>
Got a bug?

Got a bug?

Look after yourself!
For minor sprians, bumps, cuts, coughs and colds see your pharmacist or call NHS 111 for advice. more>
Flu Clinics 2014

Flu Clinics 2014

If you're at risk of complications from flu, make sure you have your annual flu vaccine available from September onwards more>
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