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Meet the Clinical Executive

The Clinical Executive is the engine room of the CCG. Its members lead the teams that get things done and ensure that plans are implemented.

The Clinical Executive comprises the seven GP members of the Governing Body, Chief Officers and those detailed below:


Members of the Clinical Executive


Dr Ben Solway

Safeguarding, Falls, Care Homes lead

Dr Benjamin Solway is a GP at Drs Solway and Whale at the Orchard Street Health Centre in Ipswich and has been a GP for over 15 years.  He is a member of the Clinical Executive and works on improving prescribing and diagnostics. He is the CCG's lead clinician for falls, fragility and fractures, care homes, out of area placements and safeguarding.

Dr Solway believes we can dream of a better future, but we have to work to make it happen. This is why he believes his knowledge and experience of working as a GP in a highly-rated practice will be invaluable to making Suffolk healthier and the local healthcare system better.

He is committed to making the NHS in Ipswich and East Suffolk an affordable, sustainable, needs-based, patient-centred system, which respects individual patients, doctors and staff.

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