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Meet the Clinical Executive

The Clinical Executive is the engine room of the CCG. Its members lead the teams that get things done and ensure that plans are implemented.

The Clinical Executive comprises the seven GP members of the Governing Body, Chief Officers and those detailed below:


Members of the Clinical Executive


Dr David Egan

Prescribing & Diagnostics lead

Dr David Egan is a GP in Debenham and has been with his practice for over 26 years.  He is a member of the Clinical Executive and works on improving prescribing and diagnostics and planned care.

Dr Egan has been keen to innovate and develop new services at his practice and for the wider population throughout his career.  He has been actively involved in GP training, undergraduate medical student teaching and mentoring practice staff through higher training.

Dr Egan feels that the NHS in Ipswich and East Suffolk faces challenges over the coming years with an ageing population, greater patient expectations, widening health inequalities, increasing new treatments and drugs at a time of reducing real term finances.  He knows the CCG, being clinically-led, is better placed to listen to the concerns of patients and clinicians, improve quality, patient experience and outcomes and support local service provision which is particularly important in rural Suffolk.  Better integration of primary and secondary care services, social and voluntary provision will enable more accessible, cost effective care for all closer to their home.

He is married with two grown up children.

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