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Meet the Clinical Executive

The Clinical Executive is the engine room of the CCG. Its members lead the teams that get things done and ensure that plans are implemented.

The Clinical Executive comprises the seven GP members of the Governing Body, Chief Officers and those detailed below:


Members of the Clinical Executive


Dr Peter Holloway

Elective Care

Dr Peter Holloway is a GP in Mendlesham.  He is a member of the Clinical Executive and is the CCG clinical lead for planned care including cancer and end of life.

Dr Holloway has lived in Ipswich since 1989, working at Ipswich Hospital for some years before becoming a GP.  He is committed to ensuring that the resources of the NHS are managed well for the benefit of patients and believes that general practice is the cornerstone of the NHS and that the CCG will promote greater collaborative working between GP practices. 

He is married with four children.

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