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Meet the Clinical Executive

The Clinical Executive is the engine room of the CCG. Its members lead the teams that get things done and ensure that plans are implemented.

The Clinical Executive comprises the seven GP members of the Governing Body, Chief Officers and those detailed below:


Members of the Clinical Executive


Dr Juno Jesuthasan

IT & Prevention lead

Dr Juno Jesuthasan is a GP at Barrack Lane Medical Centre in Ipswich and a member of the Clinical Executive. He is the clinical lead for mental health education & training, IT, self-care & prevention.

He has been with his practice since 1989, having qualified from Charing Cross Hospital Medical School, London in 1984 and has been involved in medical education for over 15 years, where he has used mind mapping extensively. Dr Jesuthasan believes that great communication is at the heart of all interaction and especially in getting patients, the public and the workforce engaged.

He also believes in a patient-centred NHS and that an important part of the CCG’s role is to bring simplicity and clarity to sometimes complex health-related issues. Good IT can help achieve that goal and can also impact positively on safety and quality.

His interests outside medicine include horse racing, sport, technology, cars and the media, especially film and television. He was Programme Director at the Ipswich GP Training Scheme for over 15 years and remains a GP Trainer, GP Appraiser and a Medical Officer at Newmarket racecourse.

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