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Meet the Governing Body

The Governing Body makes sure that the CCG runs effectively, efficiently, economically and with good governance.

It exists to serve patients, give confidence to the public, support clinicians and is accountable to NHS England.


Members of Governing Body


Dr John Hague

GP Derby Road, Ipswich

Dr John Hague is a GP at Derby Road Practice in Ipswich and he is a member of the Governing Body and Clinical Executive and is the clinical lead for Mental Health.

Dr Hague has been a GP at Derby Road for over 25 years, after training at Kings College London. From 2003 he has been an advisor to the Centre for Mental Health, lastly working on the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Programme (IAPT) at the Department of Health. From 2008- 2011 he was also IAPT GP Clinical Lead for NHS East of England.

Dr Hague has written extensively on mental health topics over the years, including, with Dr Alan Cohen, ‘The Neglected Majority’ (2005), a book concerning services for those suffering with anxiety and depression. He writes a quarterly column in the Healthcare Counselling & Psychotherapy Journal ‘GP Viewpoint’.

Dr Hague has been active in mental health commissioning in Suffolk for the last 15 years, and is especially interested in the overlaps between physical and mental health, and the economics of mental health provision.

When not at work he enjoys cycling, dog walking, and gardening with his family.



Governing Body meetings

The Governing Body meets every two months in public.

Forthcoming meetings are as follows:

• 23 January 2018

Two Rivers Medical Centre, 30 Woodbridge Rd E, Ipswich IP4 5PB

• 27 March 2018 in Hadleigh

• 22 May 2018 in Stratford St Andrew

• 24 July 2018 in Kesgrave

• 25 September 2018 in Stowmarket

• 27 November 2018

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