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Our plans

One year operational plan 2016/17

The CCG is required to develop plans in the context of Delivering the Five Year Forward View for the NHS.

Delivering the Forward View: NHS Planning Guidance 2016-21, sets the framework for developing our 2016/17 objectives. It enables us to take stock of existing plans and to confirm our commissioning intentions. The CCG’s one year Operational Plan 2016/17 is the first phase of our planning for the next five years.

You can read about our operational plan for 2016-17 HERE.

Making the NHS ££ go further

CCGs buy-in and monitor most healthcare services. Demand for services is increasing in Suffolk and locally we need to make £13m of financial improvements during 2016/17. We are working very hard to find these savings across east and west Suffolk, and this is our plan:

Download the Making the NHS ££ go further (PDF)

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