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HEE is no longer funding the Foundation Degree for the Assistant Practitioners at University of Suffolk as it is now available as a Higher Apprenticeship which means it can be funded by your employer.

As GP Practices will not be paying the apprenticeship levy,  the course will be 90% funded by the government and require a 10% contribution from the practice.

Organisations that do not pay levy will not be able to access this course from UoS as they do not have a contract but can access the same course from City College Norwich and the practice will have to pay 10%.

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Flexible Nursing Pathway

The way in which the Flexible Nursing Pathway can be accessed has changed. These changes have been brought about by government policy and not decisions made by Health Education England.  The system has also made some assumptions about local programmes and this is leading to confusion:-

Assistant Practitioners

·         This is a local programme developed by NHS Trusts across Norfolk and Suffolk to upskill HCA’s as part of a policy to review patient care.

·         This role is not replicated across the entire country.

Flexible Nursing Pathway

·         This has always been a pilot project. It is local to the East of England and was developed as a progression route for Assistant Practitioners who had completed a Foundation Degree.

·         It has funded the training course and provided additional funding to the employer to support the internal costs.

Nationally the government made the decision that degree only courses will be funded by student loans. 

Nationally the government has put NHS employers in control of their own staff development thorough Apprenticeships

·         The introduction of the changes to apprenticeships has resulted in the development of the Nursing Associate and Nurse Apprenticeship.

·         These will be funded and managed by EMPLOYERS. 

·         They are still in the later stages of development  but at present UoS do not have actual start dates.