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Map of Medicine

What is Map of Medicine?

The Map of Medicine (Map) is a web based application aimed at supporting GPs at the point of care.  National NICE approved and local CCG approved care pathways will be available within your clinical system.

How to access Map of Medicine:

The Map of Medicine software must first be installed on your computer in order to be able to use it with your clinical system and you will require a unique username and password. Training and installation for practices is now complete.

What's New?

There are now 90 maps and 107 referral forms available on Map of Medicine. 

September & October Update

The following new pathways have been published in September & October.

• Primary Care Quick Reference Guide – Referral Information for GP Practices
• Musculoskeletal (MSK) Conditions Referrals – There has been a major update to the MSK pathways including the introduction of a Single Point of Access. This includes a revised a Referral Form for Musculoskeletal Conditions Referral. Please note there are additional referral forms for upper limb threshold form and first ray (bunion) surgery threshold if applicable and an additional referral form for spinal red flag, rheumatology & pain.
• The Suffolk Community Healthcare map has been updated as the Podiatric Foot Surgery is now part of revised MSK pathway.
• Nutrition and Dietetics Referral - New referral forms for Adult and Paediatric Dietetics.
• Vitamin D Deficiency & Insufficiency Pathway – Please note the Adult pathway has been revised and a new Paediatric pathway has been published.
• Cancer Facilitator Programme – Facilitators can provide support to Primary Care on Presentation and interpretation of local cancer profiles, facilitate the interface between primary and secondary care, support the implementation of two week wait referral forms etc. See the map for more info.

The following revised pathways have been also published.

Cholecystitis I Gallstones I Pancreatitis map has been updated to add guidance on the removal of the T29 on Management of Gall bladder disease including mild and asymptomatic gallstones

Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Diet map has had info added around Calprotectin Test.

Pre-Referral (ALL) Guidance map has been updated to reflect new MSK Conditions pathway.

Threshold Procedures map has been updated to add the new Policies and checklists - Earwax policy (T52), Haemorrhoidectomy (T50), Surgical Revision of Scars (T53) and the revised Male Circumcision (T8).

Mental health Map has been updated to reflect new Wellbeing Suffolk Service. This will include a new referral form for patients where clinician is concerned that the patient may not self-refer and believe it is important a referral is completed.

This is the link to the full list of published Maps
This is the link to the full list of published Referral Forms

Thank you for all the feedback which has been provided through Map of Medicine.  Can you please ensure you include a subject or we cannot read the feedback.  We are trying to get this classified as a mandatory field for submission in future.

Tutorial Videos
Dr Juno Jesuthasan has developed tutorial videos for Map of Medicine and these are available here.


Support and Resources

A number of resources are available below, however if you can’t find the answer that you are looking for you can use the help function within the Map of Medicine

• User Information Hub

• Practice training information

• EMIS Installation Guide

• Introductory video by Dr Juno Jesuthasan

• Frequently Asked Questions UPDATED August 2016

• Map Sidebar 2.7 for GP Practices Information

• Subscribe to the Map of Medicine newsletter here

• How to update your email address on your MoM account
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