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Specialised Services

Specialised services are commissioned by the East Anglia Area Team of NHS England.

Policies on fertility are now a CCG responsibility and as an interim measure the CCGs have adopted the former Specialist Commissioning Group (SCG) policy.

This will also apply to gender dysphoria. Visit the NHS England website to find out more about referral for gender reassignment.

Obesity surgery will only be available via the Specialised Services Commissioning route of NHS England and will only be available for complex and specialised cases.

The three policies mentioned above can be downloaded from the Specialised Services box on the right hand side of the page.

The majority of ineligible patients should not be referred and adherence to this policy is predominantly the responsibility of the referring clinician.

In a minority of cases it is recognised that a specialist opinion is needed before eligibility can be determined. In these cases it is the responsibility of the receiving clinician to ensure that threshold policies are adhered to and that referring clinicians are informed that they must receive the ineligible patient back into their care.

Patients who do not meet the criteria for treatment may be considered by the Individual Funding Request panel if there  are exceptional circumstances.



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Specialised Services


Policies on the 3 areas listed below are not determined by the CCG but rather by the Specialised Commissioning Group (SCG).

Fertility Policy

Specialist Fertility Treatments Evidence brief

Gender dysphoria

Obesity surgery 

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