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Domestic Violence - survey

NHS England is currently undertaking two scoping exercises relating to safeguarding children, young people and adults are being safeguarded against domestic violence. The first scoping exercise will be targeted at Health. The second scoping exercise will be targeted at all agencies in the region who work with Health to help safeguard.

This second scoping exercise involves getting your feedback on; what you think is working in Health, what is not working so well in Health, and what we can do to improve safeguarding practices to address this safeguarding issue.

Please distribute this survey widely so that we can gather as much information as possible.

Please find the link to the survey below. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Safeguarding against Domestic Violence: Views on Health: link

Please note that this link will expire Friday 7th July.

Domestic Homicide Reviews

Domestic Abuse - training

Training information can be find by clicking here . 

Domestic Abuse for Primary Care staff (GPs and Nurses) can booked with Tabitha Griffin, SCCGs Named Nurse for Safeguarding in Primary Care,  01473 770000,  Tabitha.Griffin@nhs.net .

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