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Hospital physio and other links

The links below take you to useful leaflets from Ipswich Hospital, which you can print out and hand to patients.  They will also give you a better understanding of the procedures that you refer your patients for in addition to area-specific exercises recommended by our local physiotherapists.


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GPs and Healthcare Professionals

Ipswich hospital website - a link for 'GPs and Healthcare Professionals'

Ipswich Hospital Trust has a dedicated area of their website for GPs and healthcare professionals. Within this section you will find (amongst other things):

  • Our consultants - this provides all the telephone numbers and more detailed information about the consultants
  • Key contacts
  • Key documents and resourses
  • Referral information


Ipswich Hospital Trust - Practice Hotline

The Practice Hotline is accessible directly on 01473 704292
Operational between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday.

In response to LMC and CCG requests Ipswich Hospital developed a centralised Practice Hotline.  This line links into the medical secretaries and central administration resource and is designed to assist GPs and practice staff to:

  • Handle enquiries about individual patient’s appointments, referrals , waiting time
  • Follow up missing discharge correspondence

(n.b. it will not cover pathology lab results, diagnostic imaging results or histology which will need to be followed up directly with the relevant discipline to enable appropriate clinical interpretation)

The Practice Hotline is set up so that the individual receiving the call will access the relevant hospital systems to seek to answer the enquiry or take responsibility for finding out the answer to the enquiry and returning the call to the practice. As this is a new service this year will be monitoring demand and response timeframes to better inform any further enhancements or development of the service. User experience will be monitored for 5% of calls and improvement plans developed.

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