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Summary Care Record with Additional Information (SCRai)

The SCR has the most important and basic information needed to care for patients.  Staff are expected to ask the patient before accessing this unless there is an emergency. i.e. patient is unconscious and requires treatment to keep them alive.  

SCRs are most commonly accessed from Emergency Departments or Out of Hours services, but can also be used to treat patients at other care services including GP surgeries patients may attend whilst visiting other parts of England.  The data on the SCR however, is only updates from the GP record.

The CCGs encourage ALL practices to gain an explicit decision from patients regarding the information to be included in the Summary Care Record by asking the following questions:

Would you like your Summary Care Record to include…

1.       My allergies, medication, vaccinations and most important conditions/medical history

2.       Only my allergies and medication.

The first questions relates to the Summary Care Record with additional information (SCRai), the second to the Summary Care Record core. Patients need only select one, as the first encompasses the second. Patients can choose not to have a SCR; however, it is important that they understand they will be withholding information from healthcare staff and this can negatively affect the care they receive and their safety. If they wish to proceed, they should be presented with an ‘SCR Opt-Out’ form.

If patients wish to have a Summary Care Record with Additional Information, their consent can be taken verbally, or a consent form can be completed and scanned onto the patient record.  The Consent form can be found HERE.  The SCRai is becoming more and more important as other services that frail or elderly patients may access regularly use it as a source of information to assist in patient care.

A number of resources are available for practices:

Printable poster for display in GP surgeries

Patient leaflet on additional information in SCR

Easy read format patient leaflet on additional information in SCR

Patient leaflet and consent form on additional information in SCR

For more information on SCR sharing visiting www.nhs.uk/scr or ask the practice for the leaflet: Your Summary Care Record

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