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Feature and campaigns

In this section you can find more information highlighting campaigns and features.
Suffolk Dementia Helpline
05 July 2016
Sue Ryder host the Suffolk Dementia Helpline. They can help and provide a listening ear as well as practical information and signposting, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Freephone 08081 688 000
Admission avoidance
14 December 2015
Our admission avoidance calendar aims to remind practice staff of the services that are available to help keep people out of hospital and give them the right care with the right person and closer to home.
Breast cancer in women over 70
08 June 2015
In July 2015, Public Health England will be launching a national campaign aimed at raising awareness of the symptoms of breast cancer in women aged 70 and over.  They need your help to make it a success.
Paracetamol campaign
08 June 2015
From the beginning of June, the CCG will be running a campaign to raise public awareness of the £1m we spend on prescribed paracetamol each year.
National Apprenticeship Week 9 - 13 March
05 March 2015
Apprenticeships are vocational qualifications that are tailored to the needs of the employer to ensure that the learner acquires all of the necessary knowledge and skills he/she will need in order to become a model employee and an asset to their organisation.
02 February 2015
Public Health England, in partnership with the Department of Health and NHS England, are running a campaign in the East of England to raise awareness of breathlessness as a symptom of conditions such as COPD, lung cancer and heart disease – and to encourage people who get out of breath doing everyday activities to go to their GP.
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