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24/7 Admission Avoidance Services

Crisis Action Team (CAT)

Hours: 24/7

What is it? 

A six-month multi-agency (health, social and voluntary care) pilot to reduce avoidable emergency admissions by supporting adults experiencing a "crisis" situation to remain in their own homes and/or enable rapid discharge from A&E to prevent an admission.

How do I make a referral? Via the Care Co-ordination centre - tel. 0300 123 2425

Admission Prevention Service

Hours: 24/7

If a person is medically stable but requires nursing or functional assessment for a health crisis, administration of IV antibiotics, sub-cut infusions, anti-coag management including administration of oral vitamin K, monitoring of unstable INR, first catheterisations following medical assessment, co-ordination of integrated packages of care and referral to specialist.

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