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Infection Prevention

Break the Chain of Infection

Keeping patients safe from infection is everyone’s responsibility. Remember these 10 ways to protect patients:

  1. Wash or clean your hands before and after you provide care to a patient.
  2. Use personal protective equipment the right way.
  3. Get your jabs - including your annual flu jab - and make sure everyone in your family does too.
  4. Follow the rules of isolation for the patient’s protection, your protection, and everyone else’s protection.
  5. Follow safe injection practices - remember One needle, One syringe, Only one time.
  6. Make patient identification a priority: right drug, right time, right dose.
  7. Keep the room and equipment clean.
  8. Know when antibiotics are appropriate . . . and when they are NOT.
  9. What you wear matters! Make sure your attire does not become a source of infection.
  10. Know about infection preventionists.

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