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New MSK Service

A new integrated Musculoskeletal Service was launched on 3 October. This will include orthopaedics, spinal, rheumatology and pain services and will be provided by Ipswich Hospital with Allied Health Professionals Suffolk (AHPS). 

AHPS will be running a single point of access (SPOA) into the service where all referrals will be administratively and clinically triaged to ensure they arrive at the right service, first time. AHPS will also be providing the community physiotherapy element of the service.

The service is age inclusive and covers all trauma and orthopaedic services including spinal, foot and ankle surgery, pain, rheumatology and community MSK physiotherapy services. All red flag referrals should be referred via the SPOA, from where they will be passed through to the relevant service without delay. Patients aged 16 and above will be able to self-refer for physiotherapy.

All referrals must be made to the Single Point of Access using the national e-referral system and the Ipswich and East Suffolk MSK service referral form. All other points of access into the service will be closed with effect from 1 October. Please do not send written referrals direct to medical secretaries, for example.

Click here for more information or take a look at the Practice Briefing.


IES MSK Service www.iesmsk.co.uk

Referral forms can also be found in our Referral Form Library, search MSK

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