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Digital resources for practice TV screens

Practices can download health campaigns to use on your TV screens in waiting rooms. For alternative formats please contact us on 01473 770021.


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a PPG recruitment resource

Poster to encourage patients to join your PPG
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Allergies and Hay fever

Medicines to treat hay fever and other seasonal allergies are readily available to buy from pharmacies and supermarkets
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Antibiotics will not cure a cold

No amount of antibiotics will get rid of your cold. If you are feeling under the weather, antibiotics aren't going to help.
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Change 4 Life: Be Food Smart

Change4Life latest campaign encouraging parents and thier children to cut down on sugar, salt and saturated fat in their diet
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Community Memory Assessment Service (CMAS)

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Campaigns: Digital

For alternative formats please see below or contact us on 01473 770021.
This section also has links to other useful campaign resource sites.

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