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Nurse Revalidation

From 1 January 2016 all Nurses and Midwives on the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) register will be required to Revalidate every 3 years as part of their confirmation as being fit to practise. All Practice Nurses will need to ensure they are prepared for this new process, which builds upon their existing requirements to confirm their fitness to practice.

Revalidation will require registered nurses and midwives to demonstrate on a regular basis that they remain fit to practise. All nurses and midwives on the NMC register will be revalidated every three years at the point of their renewal. Each nurse and midwife will take ownership of their revalidation. Those who do not revalidate will lapse from the register. Click to read letter from NHS England about the Changes in how Nurses and Midwives Renew Professional Registration: The Introduction of Nurse and Midwifery Revalidation


Preparing for Revalidation

FREE Workshops for Nurses Working for Smaller Providers Across Social and Primary Care
Supported by the Department of Health
Are you one of a significant number of registered nurses working for a smaller social or primary care provider. Perhaps
you are part of a very small team or you may be working on your own. The new NMC revalidation requirements will
impact on the way every nurse demonstrates their competence to practice and renew their registration every three
years. FoNS is offering a series of FREE informative and practical workshops to help nurses prepare for revalidation.

You can choose any one of six half day workshops here.

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