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Clinical Systems Support

Welcome to the Clinical Systems Support page

The Clinical Systems Support Team offer training and support in both EMIS Web (non-accredited training) and TPP SystmOne.

The three Clinical Systems Support Analysts (CSSAs) – Dan Cox, Pete Scopes and Maggie Aldridge have each been allocated a third of all Suffolk GP practices. The CSSAs will book regular visits with each of their respective practices.
Click here for a map of practices and CSSAs. They are supported by the Clinical Systems Trainers – Alexander Ratcliffe and Pasquale Pascarella.

For any queries, or to provide feedback about the content of these pages, please contact us at IT.training@suffolk.nhs.uk



Map of Medicine
Map of Medicine – now that your email addresses have been changed to nhs.net accounts there is a need for you to change/update your Map of Medicine username/ID which is currently your GP-D email address. Please click Map of Medicine for instructions on how to update this.

It is important that this is actioned as if you do forget your password or your password needs changing the new password will be sent to the email address that is current for your username/ID.

If you have any difficulties or wish us to change this for you please email it.training@suffolk.nhs.uk giving your nhs.net email address.

NHSMail Migration
As part of your migration to NHSMail it would be appreciated if all surgery staff would ensure they have an email signature which will decrease delays when responding whilst we find out who an email is from – we recommend you have in your signature:-
• Name
• Surgery (including ODS number)
• Telephone number (preferably direct line number if appropriate)
• Surgery website
Please find embedded a pdf. Document which will help you to format an email signature whether you are using Outlook or NHS Web mail. Please also click on the following link for useful information regarding the use and formatting of NHSMail emails.

GP Maturity Project
The CSSAs are making contact with Practice Managers to conduct support visits and help analyse where utilisation of your clinical system could be improved, provide support, arrange training and general Q & A with your staff.

The CCG is very pleased to announce that 100% of surgeries in the East are now SCR enabled with just one more surgery to be deployed in the West, 100% of surgeries are GP2GP enabled and live in both East and West. There is just one surgery still to be deployed for Map of Medicine in the East and two in the West with 3 in the West still to be scheduled.

WebEx Sessions
In order to comply with the CCG’s drive to decrease expenditure we will be offering surgeries WebEx sessions if appropriate when they request/training/support. This is for both clinical systems and we would be grateful if you would comply when offered this opportunity – please bear in mind that any WebEx sessions booked in this way will be specifically for the surgery and not offered to other surgeries to book/dial in/attend. We will always schedule an onsite visit if a WebEx session is not appropriate.

We had good feedback from both Wendy and Kirstie from Walton Surgery who agreed to a WebEx session early in April – Quotes “I would give it another go as you know that the trainer is allocated to you for a certain amount of time and is aware of the problem you looking at solving, he solved my problem straight away, but sometimes that may not be the case” and “yes would use WebEx again, it was easy once we were in, a lot easier to explain your problems especially when trainer is trying to explain things to you and your both looking at the same problem, on the screen.”

If you require guidance in downloading the software for WebEx sessions, please email it.training@suffolk.nhs.uk


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us:

Sally Bovey

Email: sally.bovey@suffolk.nhs.uk
Tel.: 01473 770264

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New fax number for the RA team

Fax: 01473 266323

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