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Dates are available for SystmOne practices to book a visit to the surgery for ‘new staff/refresher’ training or general support.

Please email it.training@suffolk.nhs.uk or telephone 01473 770111 to book a slot – please bear in mind that if appropriate you will be offered a WebEx session initially.


SystmOne Updates:

NOTE: If you’re having trouble seeing appointments, click the “ONLY STAFF WITH ROTAS” button on the left side of the appointment screen.  This is a bug and TPP are already aware of it.

FLU & VACCINATION REPORTS: A suite of reports has been designed and status markers created.  These have now been published and you will find patients who are eligible for flu will be indicated on the patient home screen.  A document is attached giving further details on this and other vaccination programme tools.  This information is also on the Notice board in the bottom left of your SystmOne Home screen.

• The Logon screen has been redesigned as part of a wider rebrand (Bye bye paper dolls I’m afraid).
• Letters created with Integrated Word will be viewable on all SystmOne client instances (Removes the restriction of viewing letters if you have more than one copy of SystmOne open)
• The 'Cytology' node of the Patient Record renamed “Cervical Screening” to make it consistent with primary screening for HPV. This is because some patients will have cervical screening without having cytology.
• The Safeguarding Child information node will be renamed “SAFEGUARDING INFORMATION” so all Safeguarding including adults can be recorded on it.
• There will be an additional option on the Register for Online Services dialog to review accesses to a patient's online account
• The Men. B vaccination schedule will show in the Childhood Vaccination Grid

• When an online proxy user's service access is changed, an email or SMS can now be sent to the patient as well as the proxy user.
• There will be an additional option on the Register for Online Services dialog to review accesses to a patient's online account
• You will be able to record future end dates when giving an Online User access to another patient's online account.
• When an online user is given access to a patient's online account, a notification will be sent to that patient via their preferred verified contact details.
• When registering a patient (aged over 16) for Online Services, if the patient lacks capacity to give consent you will be shown a message asking you to consider whether it is appropriate for the patient to have online access.
• Improvements have been made to help users mark consultations as hidden from the online user.
• It will be possible to manually change the verification status of a patient's email address.

Reed more about SystmOne Vaccination Programme Tools


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us:

Sally Bovey

Email: sally.bovey@suffolk.nhs.uk
Tel.: 01473 770264

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