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Your feedback is important to us and helps us with planning future events to be most useful and relevant to you as clinicians. Once we have received your feedback, a certificate of training can be issued if required.  Many thanks.

If you want to leave feedback about any previous session, please contact Shelley Mitchell.


One Clinical Community: 
- Alliance - In It Together  -
Thursday 28 June 2018

The feedback link expires on 12 July. If you want to leave feedback about this session after that date, please do so via email to Shelley Mitchell or via the website 'Contact us' page.

Feedback form

Please only need complete the sections relevant to the session/s that you attended. Thank you.

1. Alliance General Practice workshop

2. One Clinical Community Alliance

3. Practice Nurse Forum

4. Other sessions and comments - Prescribing Leads - eConsult - Living Life to the Full

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