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GP education resource packs

This area contains all of the presentations and training materials from clinical training events and development workshops run by the CCG in 2015.

Details of this year's events so far can be found below and material for all previous training events can be accessed through the archive links on the right of the page.

For materials from events prior to April 2015, please contact us for information.


9 December 2015

Main Presentation

Assessing and managing claudication, acute & chronic ischaemia and ulcers in primary and secondary care

Locality Group Meetings

Movement Disorders

12 November 2015

Main Presentation

Development Workshop


14 October 2015

Locality Group meetings

Mental Capacity Act & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

17 September 2015

Development Workshop

Community Paediatrics – Autism & ADHD

24 June 2015

Locality group meetings

Learning Disabilities

13 May 2015

Development Workshop


16 April 2015

Locality Group meetings


12 March 2015

Development Workshop
Safeguarding resource packs

Gynaecology Pathways

12 February 2015
The handouts for this session can be found here:

    Locality group meetings
    This months locality group meetings will focus on the future of primary care.  Handouts can be found below:

    Previous clinical topics:

    Dec 2015 - Vascular
    Nov 2015 - Movement disorders
    Oct 2015 - Frailty
    Sep 2015 - Mental Capacity Act and DOLS
    Jun 2015 - Community Paediatrics
    May 2015 - Learning Disabilities
    Apr 2015 - Cardiology
    Mar 2015 - Ophthalmology
    Feb 2015 - Gynaecology

    Dec 2014 - Acute paediatric pathways
    Nov 2014 - High Risk Mental Health patients
    Oct 2014 - Falls and PMS Review
    Sep 2014 - Urology
    Jun 2014 - 'The Problem with Memory' Dementia and CMAS
    May 2014 - Geriatric Medicine
    Apr 2014 - 'Like it or lump it' Hernias and Deranged Liver pathway
    Mar 2014 - Cardiology
    Feb 2014 - ENT
    Jan 2014 - Pain Guidelines

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