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“My role is to ensure the CCG takes account of the voice of the public and the patient so that it informs commissioning decisions and priorities. Specifically therefore I hold the CCG leadership team to account, asking them to evidence where and when they have engaged, consulted and involved the public and patients. In this way I can champion on behalf of patients and the public so your views are taken into account in all that the CCG does, including settings its priorities and making financial decisions. 

"As patients I believe we have rights but also responsibilities, the NHS is a precious resource and as such should be valued and not squandered, for example by making appointments but then not turning up for them.

"The CCG is the leader of the local NHS. Since 2012, we have been led by local GPs. Together with staff, patients and local people and organisations we have created a vision, strategy and plans for health and wellbeing. We want to continue building relationships and ways of collaborating with the County Council, Voluntary sector and all key partners including patients and local people. With this work, we encourage people to take control of their own health and health care; and for those who are interested, to step into the centre of our organisation and planning processes. 

"We want individuals and representatives to have real decision-making power and responsibilities, because that is the best way to achieve an impact on health. To this end, the Community Engagement Partnership brings together a variety of patients and voluntary organisations as well as Healthwatch. This Partnership will challenge me in my role and I hope hold me to account so that we further strengthen the public voice. We hope you will find out more and that you will take up this challenge of involving people…improving health."

Pauline Quinn, Patient and Public Involvement Lay Member.


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You can be involved as much or as little as you like – the important thing is we listen and respond to you. 

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If you wish to contact the Chair of the CCG, you can send an email to: chair@ipswichandeastsuffolkccg.nhs.uk

If you want to 'Get Involved' please email us ipswichandeastsuffolk.ccg@nhs.net

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From time to time, the CCG and/or other local health organisations will issue surveys to ask you about your views on health care services.

Current Surveys

Development in Eye-care services

In 2015/2016 we told you about the work that we have been doing together as an eye-care system and that we had as commissioners decided to “buy” the entire service to ensure integration and value for money. There was quite a lot of feedback from the proposed approach (please see Engagement document).

Due to a different style in contracting and closer working arrangements with our colleagues at Ipswich hospital, we decided not to buy the whole system, but to continue to work collectively across all areas of eye-care to look at ways of changing the ways that we work whilst taking into consideration the feedback that you gave to us previously.

Download this Ophthalmology Engagement document to read more and to feedback on the services.

Proposed model for ophthalmology

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