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CEP Meetings 2018

The Community Engagement Partnership advises the CCG on the development, implementation and effectiveness of strategies and practical actions to engage patients, the public and carers in the whole commissioning process. At its monthly meetings, members discuss how the CCG can evolve services within local communities for local residents.

The CEP meets on the second Monday on each month, from 5pm - 7pm.

Dates for 2018:

08 January – Endeavour House, Ipswich
12 February – The Cedars, Stowmarket 
12 March – The Key, Ipswich
16 April – The Cedars, Stowmarket
14 May – The Key, Ipswich
11 June – The Cedars, Stowmarket 
09 July – The Key, Ipswich
10 September - The Cedars, Stowmarket
08 October - The Key, Ipswich
12 November - The Cedars, Stowmarket
10 December - The Key, Ipswich


If you have any queries please contact our communications and engagement team.

Email: comms@suffolk.nhs.uk


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