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Building on similar systems of NHS Foundation Trusts and other public sector organisations, we will build up an association of subscribers to the CCG – people who have an interest in getting involved in health planning and service improvement.

The aim is to create a community of interested people with whom we can continue ongoing communications, and establish a pool of potential participants and volunteers to assist with our various engagement activities.

We are establishing a scheme that invites people to join at one of three levels:

Level 3 – people who would have the capacity to commit to an active role, such as joining a project group or participating in campaigns and helping to communicate with local communities. This level includes those who are members of the CCG Community Engagement Partnership.

Level 2 – people who would be interested in being consulted from time to time, being asked for their opinion on publications, for example, and having the opportunity to join a workshop or focus group, if they wish. Some may have a particular service interest such as mental health, diabetes, care for older people etc.

Level 1 – people with a passive interest who would like to receive regular news and information to keep up to date with issues and progress in local healthcare.

During 2012/13, we set up and started recruiting to this patient and public scheme.  Its subscribers are invited to all events, including our annual health planning conference.  Recruitment to, and refinement of, this scheme will continue over the next three years.

You can find out more by reading our Communications and Engagement Strategy, which was refreshed in Autumn 2015.

If you would like to be involved please complete the online form or download, complete and return the Points of View form.  

Contact us by telephone on 01473 770014 or by email getinvolved@ipswichandeastsuffolkccg.nhs.uk 


Watch this video about getting involved with NHS England.

This short film aims to tell patients and the public about NHS England and why patients and the public might want to get involved in its work. It has been co-produced with people with a learning disability.

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If you would like to be involved please complete the online form or download, complete and return the Points of View form.


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