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Physical Activity - Are You Doing Enough?

Public Health Suffolk is conducting a survey to identify the current level of physical activity amongst children throughout the county.  

This is part of a wider needs assessment, which will inform how physical activity levels could be improved and what facilities can be provided to achieve this.

They have devised 3 surveys for different age groups that can be completed by adults, young people (11-18yrs) and another for children (5-10yrs), which can be completed by a parent or carer. The questionnaire on average takes about 5 to 7 minutes to complete 


Public consultations and engagement

Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group will adhere to the Cabinet Office Consultation Principles. The principles of this document are copied below and they mean that consultation and engagement can be targeted and meaningful.

  • departments will follow a range of timescales rather than defaulting to a 12-week period, particularly where extensive engagement has occurred before;
  • departments will need to give more thought to how they engage with and consult with those who are affected;  
  • consultation should be ‘digital by default’, but other forms should be used where these are needed to reach the groups affected by a policy;
  • and the principles of the Compact between government and the voluntary and community sector will continue to be respected.
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