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Personal Health Budgets

Plans to provide Suffolk residents with more control over the care they receive from the NHS, through Personal Health Budgets (PHB), are now available.

A personal health budget is the amount of money spent on meeting a person’s long term health and wellbeing needs, together with a support plan and goal.

Through PHBs patients will be directly involved in the decision making process of planning and managing how their budget is used in order to meet those goals.

The publication of the Local Offer is essentially the strategy or promise of how the CCG will provide the public PHBs. It will give people who need them a bigger say in how their personal care is receive from the NHS. 

There are two types of budget that patients can choose from:

A Personal Health Budget (PHB) is an amount of money to support a patient’s identified health and wellbeing needs, planned and agreed between them and the local NHS team. The aim is to give people with long-term conditions and disabilities greater choice and control over the healthcare and support they receive. 

An Integrated Personal Budget (IPB) is an amount of money made up from both health and social care to achieve the same outcomes as a PHB.

Patients will be able to receive their personal health budget payments direct, so they can make their own arrangements to purchase the services they need. Or they could have their budget managed by another organisation such as a charity or the NHS will commission the service direct if they prefer.

The Local Offer commits the CCGs to working with relevant health stakeholders. Crucial to this is working with the patient to agree the best way to meet their health needs.

The outcomes of PHBs will see:

  • More tailored services for patients and facilitated greater individual engagement;
  • Improved self-management for the patient and compliance through greater individual engagement; 
  • Improvements in satisfaction with services; 
  • Reduced GP visits and hospital admissions; and 
  • Achieved cost savings for high cost, highly complex cases.

By April 2020 it is hoped that over 600 patients in Suffolk across all diagnostic groups will be in receipt of a PHB/IPB.

Jacqueline Hanratty, Programme Lead for Personal Health Budgets said: “Ipswich & East Suffolk CCG and West Suffolk CCG are fully committed to the implementation and mainstreaming of Personal Health Budgets and Integrated Personal Budgets for its population. The aim is to give people with long-term conditions and disabilities greater choice and control over the healthcare and support they receive. 

“It will allow health professionals to work more closely with patients, resulting in improved health outcomes.

“Many local people have already played a key role in developing a framework for personal health budgets in east and west Suffolk and this will continue in the months ahead.”

Over the next 12 months a project board will start to deliver the implementation plan with relevant stakeholder organisations consulted at key decision points. 

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