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get me out of here

Mothers, fathers and carers who are feeling isolated at home after the birth of their children now have the opportunity to escape their house for a few hours.

Cold weather health advice from local GPs
With the Met Office having issued an alert for some very cold weather over the next few days and winter now well under way local GPs are encouraging people to be aware of the dangers of cold weather.  more>
meetings in public
A meeting in public of the Governing Body of NHS Ipswich & East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group will take place on Tuesday November 26 from 9.15 a.m.  more>
Knowing what antibiotics can and cannot do
With antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, people are being reminded that antibiotics are a not a cure-all medicine  more>
Pharmacists and GPs join forces for Ask Your Pharmacist Week
During next week's Ask Your Pharmacist Week (November 11 – 18) Suffolk’s pharmacists and GPs have joined forces to urge people to make the most of the help and advice available at their local pharmacy.  more>
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