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12 Days of Christmas

For most, Christmas is a time for snuggling up on the sofa, relaxing at home and sp​ending time with friends and family.

For our local hospitals,the Christmas and New Year celebrations are a very busy time of year, with the cold weather and seasonal viruses doing the rounds.

Our 12 days of Christmas highlights health and social care issues and offers advice on where you can find the right help when you need it over festive period.


Keep safe this Christmas

Official data shows that the Christmas holiday is a dangerous time of year. Read up on the risks


When it's cold outside

The Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir are here to help you to stay well this winter with their take on a seasonal classic. Watch them perform Baby It's Cold Outside, with advice on how to stay healthy as temperatures drop!

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Kidney disease or long-term health condition? Get flu protected

As Christmas approaches, the flu season begins to take hold, particularly when the temperature drops and winter illnesses circulate. Read more...

Keeping well during the cold winter months
Local GPs are encouraging people to be aware of the dangers of cold weather and to be prepared. Read more...
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