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Clinicians urge local people to be self care aware

Clinicians across Suffolk and North East Essex are reminding local people about the support available to help them stay well this winter. It’s as the annual Self Care Week returns this week (12-19 November) which aims to encourage and empower people to help keep themselves healthy.  The week long campaign has “Choose Self Care for Life” as its theme and is organised by Self Care Forum, a charity which works to embed self-care into everyday life.

Paramedic Glenn Young said: “Many minor illnesses or injuries can be treated at home simply by combining a well-stocked medicine cabinet with plenty of rest.  We are using this week to remind local people about the help and support available so people can look after their health without feeling the need to see their GP.  Healthcare organisations across Suffolk and North East Essex will continue to issue regular messages through social media, community engagement activities in busy hospital and town centre areas as well as through GP practices and pharmacists.”

Glenn added: “It is about empowering local people with the confidence and information to look after themselves and giving them the options and skills to be able to select and chose the most appropriate and best care for them.”

Over recent weeks, clinicians across Suffolk and North East Essex have issued a series of factsheets that give people tips on how they can stay well if they live with a long term condition.  They have also been reminding people about the importance of having a flu vaccine, especially those groups that are regarded as being at risk of catching flu and developing serious complications.

Dr Christopher Browning, a GP at Long Melford and chairman of NHS West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group said “It is particularly appropriate that Self Care Week occurs during November, as it is an ideal opportunity to remind people what they can do themselves to remain as healthy as possible during the winter months.

“Self care is about taking control of your own health and doing what you can to stay healthy. At this time of year it is extremely important that people in “at-risk” groups get their annual flu vaccination from their GP practice or pharmacy. Flu is often thought of as nothing more than a bad cold, however, if you are an older person, have a long-term health condition or are pregnant, the consequences of flu can be very serious, often resulting in an unwelcome hospital stay.

“Although the weather is mild right now, the cold weather will come, so please prepare your health for winter with a flu vaccination.”

You can find out more about self care from https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/home-remedies-for-common-conditions/
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