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Suffolk GP explains how his own weight loss has given him a new lease of life

A Suffolk GP is highlighting how his recent weight loss has given him a new lease of life – making him feel physically and mentally better as well as significantly reducing his risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Dr John Hague, who is a GP at the Derby Road Practice in Ipswich and a leading mental health expert with NHS Ipswich and East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group, lost two stone in weight by simply eating a healthier diet and taking more exercise.

Aged 59, he was spurred to take action on his wellbeing after reaching 14 stone – he decided that to give himself the very best chance of enjoying a healthy and happy later life he had to make some lifestyle changes to decrease his risk of illness and increase his chances of longevity.

Dr Hague says: “As a GP I give advice to patients on a regular basis emphasising the importance of having a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise. Yet, I found my own weight continuing to increase through not following my own advice, leaving me feeling lacking in energy.

“The decision to make changes was made, after a conversation with a consultant friend, who had recently slimmed down himself. He just reduced his calorie intake through eating smaller portions, cutting out snacking and eating lots of fruit and vegetables.  There has been no complicated regime. It’s simply about eating less and better and moving more. There are lots of really tasty low calorie recipes that only take minutes to prepare - some of the best were sent to me by my mother in law, from a newspaper.

“I am delighted by how things have gone and have reduced my weight by two stone over the last few months. Not only do I feel much better, but my risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the next ten years has fallen from 9.3% to 6.8%, my systolic blood pressure is down from 135 to 105 and my ‘heart age’ has dropped from 60 to 56 – its nice to know that your heart is healthier than someone 3-4 years younger.

“Importantly, I don’t just feel physically better. The weight loss has left me feeling mentally refreshed and I sleep much better and feel my thinking is much clearer.

“It has been surprisingly easy to make these lifestyle changes and I would encourage anyone considering making a similar move not to be deterred. It’ll make you feel a whole lot better in your body and mind.”

Jude Godfrey, Adult Weight Management Lead for OneLife Suffolk, says:“Through the free weight management service at OneLife Suffolk we encourage our clients to reduce calories and increase physical activity in a way that suits them, whilst supporting them to be more mindful of their lifestyle choices. It is fantastic to hear of Dr Hague’s success and although he was able to do this without the need of our support, we understand it can be very challenging and we would urge you to contact us to start your journey, if you are struggling to lose weight.” 

As part of his lifestyle change Dr Hague is participating in the London to Brighton cycle ride, raising money for the British Heart Foundation. You can sponsor through the Just Giving page HERE 

Find out more about the help and support offered by OneLife Suffolk HERE

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