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Your health

In this section you can find advice and information specific to a range of health matters.

As well as advice to help you with looking after your own health and wellbeing (often known as 'self-care'), there are a number of local and national organisations that provide advice for staying healthy and to help you improve your own health and wellbeing and that of your family. 

Useful external links

  Health A-Z - Conditions and treatments
  Trusted medical information and support

 One Life Suffolk

Free Information, guidance and support for taking steps to a healthier future
The NHS Health Apps Library

  • Discover Apps to help you manage your health
  • Reviewed by the NHS to ensure they are clinically safe
  • Rated by you and the health care community 
 Neurology in Suffolk
Helpful contacts at diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed with a neurological condition, you can get confidential help
and advice from charities as well as from medical services.
Self Care Leaflets and Advice

Patient information leaflets on a range of minor illnesses and ailments that can help you look after yourself and your family.

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