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Suffolk Parent Carer Network Annual Carers Survey

It is that time of year again when the SPCN annual parent/carer satisfaction survey goes live from 13 October to 9 November.  This is a chance for ALL parents and carers of children and young adults with any additional need to have their say on education, health and social care services within Suffolk, and it is not limited to children/young people with EHCPs, but includes those on SEN Support and those with any additional need and/or disability even if they are not receiving additional support in school.   Every voice is VERY IMPORTANT and it is only through collective voices that we can ever hope to change things.  

The survey can be completed for every child/young person with any additional need within a family, and we need to hear all experiences, whether bad, good or indifferent. 

This year’s survey responses are more important than ever as we will be presenting them to the Department of Education and NHS England at their next Monitoring visit to Suffolk at the end of November.

Patient Carer Satisfaction Survey 2019: https://bit.ly/2VCtlms

Positive Parenting

No job is as rewarding as being a parent or caring for a child. It is a job where very little training is given to prepare parents for what lies ahead. Every family experiences difficulty from time to time. When extra pressures come along it may be difficult to think about what help or information you may need. We hope you find the guide below helpful and useful resource.

What is the guide about?

The interactive guide below can offer some ideas to help you find your way through what can be a maze of issues and advice. It gives contacts and further information you can follow up when you are deciding how to deal with issues. This guide also offers helpful tips from professionals and things to look out for.

Who has produced this guide?

This guide has been produced by professionals from health, education and social services, as well as parents and carers across Suffolk.

New to Suffolk?

Our services for you

If you are new to Suffolk things will of course seem a bit strange at first but with our help we can work together to support you. Health workers, teachers and carers can offer a whole host of services to welcome you.

To get the best start, make sure you register with a local GP, Health Visitor and Dentist and find out about schools. Suffolk School Admissions Service will be able to help you. If you have a pre-school child, your nearest Children’s Centre may be able to help get in touch with other services to help you.

Contact Suffolk Family Information Service (FIS) for information.

Going to clubs or local activities will help your child make new friends and begin a new enjoyable learning experience.

Try to make new friends yourself; once you’ve made the effort you will be pleased you did. Join local clubs or learn a new skill - this way you will immediately have something in common with everyone else.

Parents can get free NHS support & therapy to help you and your kids, with no need to see your GP first. Search 'Suffolk Parent Hub

Useful local contacts

Activities Unlimited (for children with additional needs)
Tel.: 01473 260026
Website: www.activities-unlimited.co.uk

Autism Suffolk
Tel.: 01473 632700

Children's Centres
Tel.: 0845 608 0033

Parent Partnership in Suffolk
Tel.: 01473 265210

Schools Admissions
Tel.: 0845 600 0981

Suffolk County Council
Tel.: 08456 066 067

Suffolk Families Information Service
Tel.:0845 608 0033
Website: www.suffolk.gov.uk/childcare

Suffolk Family Carers
Tel.: 0844 225 3099
Website: www.suffolk-carers.org.uk

Suffolk Rape Crisis helpline
Women and girls only Tel.:08000 850520
Men's Advice Line Tel.: 08088 010327
Victim Support Tel.:08453 899548

Suffolk Police Services: Victim Care Centre Ipswich and East Suffolk
Tel.: 01986 835170

Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board:
If you are worried about a child call tel.: 0808 800 4005
Website: www.suffolkscb.org.uk.

In an emergency call 999
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