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Summary Care Records

The NHS in England is introducing Summary Care Records (SCRs) to improve the safety and quality of patient care.  Having a Summary Care Record will give healthcare staff faster, easier access to reliable information about you to help with your treatment.

Your health record held at your GP practice includes details of your current medications, allergies and adverse reactions.  If you have a Summary Care Record then these details are automatically copied and kept up to date on a secure central record that can be accessed by other healthcare staff involved in your care.

Before any healthcare staff involved in your care can look at your Summary Care Record, they will always ask for your permission.  You can always say ‘no’ if you do not feel comfortable about this on any occasion.

How having a Summary Care Record could help you:

  • You don’t have to carry around a list of your current medication or remember its actual name.
  • You won’t have to keep repeating this information to different NHS staff treating you.
  • When you are being treated in an emergency or out-of-hours and are unable to give the information yourself
  • When you are away from home and unable to see your own GP.
  • It will support better, safer prescribing of medication for you by providing up to date information on your allergies, previous adverse reactions and medications.
  • It will help you to communicate with healthcare staff if your health problems make communicating a problem.
  • With your permission, staff can find out about you more quickly when they need to act quickly.



Read our Your Health, Your Record, Your Choice leaflet for more information about how detailed record sharing (known as Enhanced Data Sharing) works.




You can find out more about Summary Care Records at www.nhscarerecords.nhs.uk or www.systems.digital.nhs.uk/scr or call the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 0800 389 6819

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